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Travis was in town for Nitro Circus and dropped by to hang and talk about his amazing career. One of the coolest most down to Earth fellas on the planet. he even played Good Or Gross with us. Enjoy the talented Travis Pastrana

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Rizz News! Seven Reveals Her Love Stories / Says Goodbye. Ask Rizz Emails. Real Or Fake Picks. Freak Of The Week. Jeff and Patrico lose it a little over the happiness of Patrico's Mom. St. Louis Blues' Kevin Shattenkirk

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Today the fellas said goodbye to the trusty and faithful Intern Seven and begin the hunt for RIKKI THE VIII! The Rizz Show chops up some more emails and gets into your Friday Fail Stories. REAL OR FAKE Results.We pit two Hot Shots girls against each other in a brain contest and everything in between on this fine Friday. ENERGY UP! Email to be our intern at



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The Rizz Show Cast chops it up from everything from Donald Trump saying some weird things about pee-pee gate to getting into it over whether or not it's ok to date your friends Mom. Talked to Kevin Shattenkirk about the St. Louis Blues lineup changes. Freak Of The Week First Round of 2017 and a crap ton more. Energy UP!



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Moon Spoon! Web Cam and Chat Room Shenanigans. More Coyote lessons for Jerf. Are Chicken Nuggets Hipster? We Played Read My Lips and Answered Some Emails Ranging from a Drive-By-Whoring for Naomi To Telling A Guy He Has To Tell His Daughter About His Now "Serious Relationship" With Her 22-Year Old Friend. ENERGY UP!

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LEAVE A REVIEW YA GOOFBALLS! Love ya. Today the cast chops it up about the world's dumbass passwords, Jeff trying to befriend a coyote, UPS tweeting stupid about MLK day, Intern Seven hits us with a GREAT story about a dude writing a song for her, Real Or Fake Picks and a whole lot more! ENERGY UP!


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Science Says You Need to Start Pleasuring Yourself at Work? No elephants = no tickets apparently. Rob Lowe calls out an old employer. Superfly Snuka says C Ya Later and way more discussed passionately by the guys and intern gal on today's Rizz Show.

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We talked with Chris about everything from boners and combos to Norm MacDonald, Adam Sandler and the rest of his fellow Saturday Night Live cast members...but... You know how, when you see an accident about to happen, you can't look away? That wild, sick fascination inside of you keeps you hyper-tuned in to watch the disaster and you feel weird about feeling that way? Whoa. This one went off the rails and it was pretty amazing. We were even contacted by some outlets to confirm some of the accusations Chris threw out into the world about some fellow actor/comedians. Enjoy the trainwreck that was.. The Chris Kattan Interview.

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Sexy Time Fun Facts. Ask Rizz Emails! Real Or Fake Picks. Moon Shaves Patrico's Beard. The Great Girl Scout Cookie Debate. Friday Fails. Kevin Pollak in studio. Real Or Fake Results. Energy Up yos!


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Tom came into the studio when he was in town doing standup back in late 2014 and we had a blast. He was hilarious and as always, VERY candid. We talked everything from having kids, to doing movies and hanging with Arnold Schwarzenegger or however you spell it... Enjoy and ENERGY UP!

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